SOLVED Replicator stopped replicating and Web management slow to respond to some menus

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.4.4
    • OS: Cent OS 7
    • Service Version:
    • OS:

    I had A fog server and a storage node working and playing just fine together and it came time to expand out 2 more storage nodes. at the time i was running Fog version 1.4.x ( whatever came just before 1.4.4) and i put up the new nodes just after 1.4.4 released. which meant i assumed meant i needed to upgrade the server to the current version as well for it to all work together. the upgrade seemed fine with the exception of it always telling me that my hosts had no such device or address, but i let that slip since it was working well otherwise ( image replication replicated a couple images and host tasks were completing without issue) the day came for me to have to upgrade my original storage node to 1.4.4. since then. image replication has stopped working and when i click on Fog Configuration > log viewer its takes around 2 minutes to load the log, and if i try to change the number of displayed lines it hangs for a while again. and it also hangs if i try to go back to the home page.

    im not sure what to do at this point.

  • while i was digging in my log files looking for the error you suggested i found that one of my nodes was down. on a hunch that that was causing some issues. i went and turned it back on and things seem to be back to normal. replication seems to be back online. i must have had something trying to replicate to the offline node and was holding it up. but that you so much for the response!

    now im just stuck with the red ! saying no such device or address for all my hosts. any ideas?tasks perform normally so it doesnt appear to be a big deal, but id like to fix it if possible.

  • Are you sure the slowness and delays aren’t caused by the server just being busy replicating to the two new nodes? Just asking. If you’re sure that’s not the case, then the next most likely thing is the logs are being spammed by some error. If you can get us copies of the message that is spamming the logs, we can move forward with troubleshooting.

    Since the GUI is giving you issues, you can look at all of the log files via CLI on your servers here: /opt/fog/log