Problem bootPXE Fog : Please enter tftp server

  • Server

    • FOG Version: Version 1.4.3
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04
    • Service Version: N/A
    • OS: N/A

    Description :
    Hello everyone,

    I’ll need your help.
    I upgraded my FOG server and wanting to deploy the image to a client machine, I got the message “Please enter tftp server”.

    A solution please?

    Thank you !

  • Moderator

    @misaina said in Problem bootPXE Fog : Please enter tftp server:

    Please enter tftp server

    This usually means you don’t have your dhcp server setup correctly. What precisely do you have setup for dhcp option 66 {next-server} and dhcp option 67 {boot-file} ?

    At this prompt “Please enter tftp server” if you key in the IP address of your FOG server you should see the FOG iPXE menu. This is not a solution just a test to prove you have something setup not right with dhcp.

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