Can only login to fog server using the 192.168.x.x everything else fails

    • FOG Version: 1.4.3
    • OS: Lubuntu 16.04

    I setup a fog server on a computer with dual network cards version 1.3 . I upgraded to ver 1.4.3
    *had issues with the fog password so dropped user fog from mysql and then created user fog again (database backup failed)
    But now the problem is that I can only login if i use
    if I use
    hxxp://<server name>/fog
    I get “Invalid username or password error”

    Please help

  • Nothing else seemed to work so redid the system and now it works

  • Moderator

    What I would do to fix this is be sure you correct the root password or what ever uid/password you need to access your mysql database then go through the config fille /opt/fog/.fogsettings to ensure the settings in there now match reality. Once your .fogsettings are in sync with the system, rerun the fog installer. That should correct everything in the system.

    While you are using Lubuntu it still based on Ubuntu and this post applies:

    If after the above process you can’t reference the system by the fqdn we will dig into that.

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