• I’m trying to add a printer with FOG’s Print Management. I have the drivers located on a network share that everyone has read access to. FOG’s log file on the computer shows the installation is trying to occur, but it fails with this message:

    8/1/2012 10:05 AM FOG::PrinterManager Setting Default Printer…
    8/1/2012 10:05 AM FOG::PrinterManager Failed: it looks like the local printer is missing.

    These are Windows 7 64 bit pc’s. They’re not on my domain so I cannot add printers with group policy, which would be my preferred method. I’m really trying to manage things centrally from now on versus touching each pc and adding the printer manually. I figure it will be worth the effort once it is working.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    @DarkStorm007 This is a very old post you opened up again. FOG was very different and has changed a lot. Please open your own topic and leave this old one alone.

    Start the new one by telling us what version of FOG you are running and maybe the names of the fields you ask about (I guess it’s about printers but why should I have to guess, just tell us!!). Maybe even post a picture if you don’t want to spend words on it.

  • Hey, Im trying to figure out the fields to fill. But i can’t understand if something is wrong on fields… can you give me an example to fill the fields?

  • Ok, I was using the wrong driver. I already had the driver on my print server, so I copied it over to my network share and updated my printer in FOG management with the proper inf settings. Looks like it’s working now! Thanks for the help!

  • Sorry, it is the PCL 5 driver, not PCL 6. I watched the video tutorial on the wiki re: pointing to local inf file, but I can’t find that file in windows 7.

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    use code tags around log files and terminal output.

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    For the HP LaserJet 1320n for Windows 7 64 bit, I’m not seeing the PCL6 universal driver.

    Did you download the proper 64 bit driver? Have you tried using the HP Printer Administration Resource Kit to make a silent/auto install driver for this printer?

    I also see where this printer may be able to use the built-in driver for Windows 7 64 bit. Maybe finding and pointing to the local inf file would help.

  • Adding the IP got these results:

    8/1/2012 12:56 PM FOG::PrinterManager Printer update was request from fog tray…
    8/1/2012 12:56 PM FOG::PrinterManager Management level = 2
    8/1/2012 12:56 PM FOG::PrinterManager Removing unwanted printers from host…
    8/1/2012 12:56 PM FOG::PrinterManager Adding new printers to host…
    8/1/2012 12:56 PM FOG::PrinterManager 1 found on server side.
    8/1/2012 12:56 PM FOG::PrinterManager Installation requested for HP Printer (LEDM)
    8/1/2012 12:56 PM FOG::PrinterManager Printer Installed: HP Printer (LEDM)
    8/1/2012 12:56 PM FOG::PrinterManager Setting Default Printer…
    8/1/2012 12:56 PM FOG::PrinterManager Failed: it looks like the local printer is missing.

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    Using FOG 0.32, when I add a printer of type “Local Printer”, I get a box labeled “Print IP (optional):” after the box for Print INF File.

  • Specifying the printer IP where?

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    New forums, can edit posts now ;). Have you tried specifying the printer IP to see if that helps?

  • Sorry, the copy and paste didn’t work that well.

    Printer model = HP Printer (LEDM)
    Printer Alias = WF Elem Lab
    Printer Port = IP_192.168.0.64
    Print INF file = [URL=‘http://fogproject.org/forum/file://\\GP’]\\GP[/URL] Software\WF Elem Lab Printer\hpbuio45l.inf

  • Printer Model:
    Printer Alias:
    Printer Port:
    Print INF File:
    Print IP (optional):

    The printer is HP Laserjet 1320n. I’m using the universal print driver pcl 6 for it. What is meant when FOG gives the error that the local printer is missing?

    I did review the wiki, or I never would’ve known to match the model name from the inf file.

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    use code tags when posting log files or terminal output so the smilies don’t get in the way.

    I’m going to assume you’ve already been through: [url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Managing_FOG#Printers[/url] and made sure all the settings are correct for the printer you are trying to deploy.

    Why brand/model/driver versions are you trying to use?