UNSOLVED FOG Client can't connect to Fog server or Active Directory after deployment

  • We built a base image with the fog client (smart installer for windows) captured and deployed it and we can connect it to active directory after deployment, but after we start building on top of this image we cant get it to join our domain using active directory. any possible solutions for this type of problem?

  • Are you sysprepping? Was the reference machine previously joined to the domain?

    For your images, you should keep them pure - never capture a dirty image because it only causes problems. Pure means NEVER having been on the domain before, and as lean & clean as possible meaning not using old images to make new ones - keep your old images as backups, but build from scratch (installation media) every time - always delete old partitions and remake them, and capture new images.

    At my old job, I would include month and year (not day) in my image names.