• Before finding FOG we have been using PING as our main imaging software. We have a couple images that we would like to keep and use with FOG if possible.

    Is there a way to use these images with our FOG server? If so, could you point me to resources that could help me accomplish such actions?

  • The image definition is what you actually create with the FOG interface. Basically follow all the steps for creating an image with FOG, just don’t actually create an upload task, and then copy the image files created with PING to the directory specified for the image file.

  • Thanks for the reply. Do you have any information on creating the image definitions? Is that on the Wiki?

    I was hoping someone would have attempted this before.

  • Technically… maybe? FOG and PING both use Partimage to create and restore images, so it is possible that you’ll be able to take your PING created images and shove them into FOG manually (create the image definitions and copy the image files into the /images/<image name>/ directory), but I am unaware of anyone attempting this.