Adding secondary storage to FOG server

  • Hello all! I’m new to using Linux and FOG both. I would like to learn how to add a secondary hard drive to my FOG server. I currently have a 1TB hard drive running Ubuntu and FOG and would like to add a 8TB drive. I also am considering moving all of my images to the 8TB drive along with FOG. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

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    @chris178 I did create a tutorial for solving this situation. Its centos centric but the commands are very similar for other versions of linux.

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    Thanks for the replies. I just took over this project from someone else. I appreciate all of the comments and I’ll try to answer your questions. I would like to keep both drives. Right now, the way its setup is all of the images, the OS and the FOG server are on one drive. I know this is a bad setup and therefore I would like to migrate the images and the FOG server to the 8TB drive if I could. I just don’t know Linux that well to manage it. Thanks for any help you might provide.

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    @x23piracy said in Adding secondary storage to FOG server:

    why not cloning the complete harddrive from 1tb to 8tb? For me that sounds like the best solution.

    Consider I’m a very old unix guy. But for me you should never have transient data (fog data) on your OS partition. If you fill up your OS partition, the Unix OS breaks (like having to reinstall breaks). This would be equivalent to having a windows file server with user home directories and group files shared out of the C: drive. You never know when a user is going to download a HUGE video file and fill up the C: drive on the server.

    So for transient data like fog images, its best to move them to their own partition/disk. Fill up the /images partition, and linux will complain but the OS will keep running.

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    is this a physical server (not a vm) why not cloning the complete harddrive from 1tb to 8tb? For me that sounds like the best solution. You can even do what @george1421 suggested also a nice solution ;)

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    There is a simple way and a hard way to do this.

    Just a quick question do you want to remove the 1TB drive and replace it with the 8TB or only add on the 8TB drive?

    The easy way is to format that 8TB drive and then attach that to your /images directory (after you’ve moved the contents of the /images over). This will move your fog data to the 8TB drive leaving the rest of the 1TB drive for the FOG program and linux OS.

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