UNSOLVED Recommended Sysprep Guide for FOG Deployment


    FOG Version: 1.4.0
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04 as a VM on a Windows 2012r2 Server (via Hyper-V)
    2012r2 server functions as DC, AD DS, DNS, DHCP


    Service Version: 0.11.12 (Smart Installer)
    OS: Windows 7

    Now that I can boot into FOG menu, we’ve registered machines and are getting that side set up.

    We have also created a ‘ideal’ machine with all the software, etc installed and most of the other steps located at https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Client_Setup and have imaged it successfully.

    However, I’m looking for an up to date source for syspreping for Fog deployment across machines.

    In my current (and most needed) case, I have 35 near-identical PC’s (Dell Optiplex 850) and am using a MS Volume License (currently with MAK, but could setup KMS if warranted)

    The Client Setup page currently says:

    Run Sysprep
    Windows XP
    <content needed>

    Windows 7
    <content needed>

    In searching I’m seeing lots of mixed info so if there is a specific guide that is most appropriate for us to follow, I’d appreciate being pointed in that direction.

    Thanks for your advice!

  • Moderator

    Configuring sysprep is beyond the scope of the FOG Project, so its not specifically a FOG concern. But I can give you some guidance on your next steps.

    You need to configure the unattend.xml script to fit your company’s environment there isn’t a one size fits all solution here. There is a few sizes that fit most approach you can take. There are a few online sources that will let you dynamically create your unattend.xml file with the settings specific for your site. One place to start is here: http://windowsafg.no-ip.org/ Construct your unattend.xml file with your required settings (or generic /anonymous info and then hand edit it with a text editor later) and download that to your target computer. Place that updated file in c:\windows\panther or c:\windows\sysprep. When you invoke the sysprep command be sure to reference the full path to your unattend.xml file. There is nothing specific you need in your unattend.xml file related to FOG.

    You WILL need to create a setupcomplete.cmd file to reenable the fog client once OOBE is done. Don’t forget to install the FOG client in your golden image but disable the service. We do it this way so that the fog client doesn’t start doing its thing too early in the OOBE process before OOBE finishes.

    Now let talk about your key management. If you have a KMS environment available, you should USE IT. MAK keys are use once. Once you burn through all of your MAK keys you will have to call the MS Licensing center and request more keys to be added to your account. With KMS you are in charge of your keys. When you retire computers your KMS keys are returned to your key pool. With KMS you can revoke or send out platform upgrade keys. You can also use KMS for MS Office and other components too. Its a great tool if you have more than just a handful of computers.