• I would like to be able and do this.

    We have 4 digit ID numbers that we put on all of our PC’s. Our hostname’s for our PC’s we have is that number. What I would like to do is prompt and do the following

    computer name:automatically put BB in front of 4 digit number that I type.
    Make Win7 be the OS
    Give me a prompt to ask for which image I want which it does already when doing a full inventory
    Join AD
    Deploy all snapins

    Skip everything else that it asks you to fill in when doing a full inventory.

    Whenever I clone PC’s I have it where fog will do everything including joining active directory…all I have to do is then change its IP to the one I need it to be, and I am ready to go…however it ONLY deploys snap in’s if I do an inventory, then login to the fog webpage, and attach the snapin to the host in question…

    I may not be able to do these things, but would be great if i could…I will need help going through it if possible because my linux skills are not the best lol.

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    monkey see, monkey do.

    Follow the instructions for modifying the init and the pxe menu. It’s basically a copy + paste, change the mode to whatever you want to call the new mode. Then go into the init file, modify the fog script to recognize your new mode, do what you need it to do, which is basically hard code the answers for OS/Image and removed all questions except for the name.

    If you are afraid of tanking your production fog server, then use virtualbox/vmware to setup a new fog server and client and you can do that there.

    The great thing about open source and free software is you paid nothing to get it and can modify it to meet your unique needs.

  • Yeah, I came across that but wasn’t sure how to make it do what I want it to do, or if it would. I believe that it would, however I am not the best with linux lol. Therefore I am not sure how to make it do what I would like it to do. 😕

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    I think what you want it to add a custom option to the PXE boot menu, and edit the init.gz in /tftpboot/fog/images.

    Does this help: [url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Create_Custom_Fog_Registration_menu[/url]

    If not exact, it should get you on the right track.

  • I played with the quick inventory settings, but I managed to make it where quick inventory no longer works haha…I guess the main thing that I would like it to do…is well the full inventory works great, it prompts me for the hostname which I want it to do, I would just like it to not ask me for ip, primary user, the asset tag number 1 and 2, and make it automatically pic windows 7 as the OS, but still prompt me for the image ID…

    I want to deploy all snap-ins when I say yes to image now as opposed to having to login to the fog management console and picking that.

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    I think a lot of what you are trying to do can be accomplished by properly configuring your quick image options in the WebUI - Other Information - FOG Settings - FOG Quick Registration

    Play with it and see.