Windows 7 client reboot continuosly after task launched

  • Fog Server 1.3.5 on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS.

    Brand new installation. I’ve imported my first (test) host. Then I’ve created an image and created a task to capture the host to the image just created.
    The host now is continuosly rebooting. It is a Win7 64bit client.
    If i cancel the capture task the host end to reboot and stay online.
    If I create another task (eg. hardware inventory) same situation: continuos reboot until I cancel the running task.

    What can cause the problem?

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    @peer2peer The pxe booting computer finds out about the fog server from the dhcp server. To get a target computer to boot into fog the dhcp server must be updated. You must set dhcp option 66 with the IP address of the fog server. You must set dhcp option 67 with the file name undionly.kpxe for bios (legacy mode) computers and ipxe.efi for uefi mode computers.

  • I’ve tried the PXE Boot but with no success.
    At the moment I’m on a test environment, the IP address is released by a DHCP server but when the PC try to boot using PXE no server is resolved.
    I haven’t found any option to manually configure a static ip address for the PXE server (FOG Server right?)

    so… am I blocked?
    Do I have to ask to network admin to setup our DHCP to pass the PXE Server IP/Mac ?

  • Hi,

    I’m using the 1.3.5 version because at the time of the server setup was the latest stable version available.

    I didn’t try the PXE Boot, for me everything is new and I’m involved in the “fog project” only in my free time.
    Tomorrow I’ll give a try to PXE boot and let you know.


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    @Avaryan said in Windows 7 client reboot continuosly after task launched:

    Also, why FOG 1.3.5 if it’s a brand new installation?

    There is also a bug in 1.3.5 that was addressed in 1.4.0RC1 that fixes single disk. Upgrading to the current release of FOG 1.4.2 is probably a good choice here. This may not address your issue. But once you are on the latest release we can discuss more specifics. If we need to get the developers involved they will require you to be on the latest release anyway.

    What computer (mfg and model) are you trying to pxe boot that is stuck in this reboot loop?

  • @peer2peer Both a capture and a hardware inventory will trigger reboots. You need to PXE boot so that the tasks can continue. Usually F12 will trigger PXE boot or boot options.

    Also, why FOG 1.3.5 if it’s a brand new installation?