SOLVED patch isc-dhcp server for mac startup disk

  • This may be the wrong site, but I’m hoping someone can help me out with this as I’m new to linux. In the link it speaks of patching the isc-dhcp-server and I’m absolutely lost on how to patch this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • @Sebastian-Roth Yea, I’m good now, actually got it to work with a Windows DHCP server as I was hoping.

    Thanks for all your help!!

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    @SlimJim Do you still need assistance with his? From the other post it sounds like you are able to image your Macs already… Can we mark this solved?

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    @SlimJim Any news on this?

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    @SlimJim Sorry for my late reply. I have been offline over the long weekend here in Germany.

    I used FOG to capture an image from a MAC client and deploy it to about 50 MACs via multicast just nicely at my old job. Now I don’t have access to those MACs anymore but others have done this as well. I hope we can get you up and running with this soon!

    The fancy stuff in the wiki was meant for people who have it all running and just want to make it perfect by patching isc-dhcp-server to make it show up in the “startup disk” dialog of MAC OS X. I’d suggest you don’t bother about this for now. You said you have the clients netbooting using isc and pointing to fog/ipxe.efi. Why not stick to this for now? You should be able to capture and deploy images this way using FOG. From my point of view the ‘bless’ method (see in the wiki) is kind of easy but still very comfortable (no need to use stones).

    What kind of MACs (exact model name) do you have by the way? You also said something about using images created not by FOG but by deploy studio. So far I don’t know of anyone having done something like this.

  • @Quazz
    Just saw your response, I’m not really sure as macs are not my strong suit, I’m just short on time and trying to figure out the quickest way to get imaging working solely with Fog. I did try enabling the dhcp server that is built into the script and I no longer see fog as an option when holding ‘alt’, nor ‘N’ on startup and in system preferences > startup disk I do not see fog either. Please feel free to explain further as I’m not sure what you meant by this and the results were not what I expected.

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  • @Sebastian-Roth

    Thanks for jumping in, yes, that is exactly what I was referring to, I will give this a shot. When you do have some time, can you please answer a few questions that I have.

    I know people have this working, but does that mean they are capturing mac images using fog?

    Or are people using some other method of creating the images and deploying with fog?

    Any general guidance would be greatly appreciated, as I am short on time because the person tasked with this had 6 months to figure all this stuff out and did nothing and now it has fallen on me… LOL

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    @SlimJim Is this what you mean?

    It was me who added this hint on adding the patch to isc-dhcp-server and so I feel like I should jump in here as well.

    Do you know how to build packges from source on ubuntu?? Please start by reading about this topic on the web.

    I am a bit short of time today and can’t go into the details right now. So please start reading and ask if you can’t get any further.

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    @SlimJim I think you may be confusing the FOG server with a NetBoot server, possibly?

    If you don’t explicitely use NetBoot and just want to use FOG iPXE and what not, then the default DHCP config that comes with FOG should work. (including startup disk and such).

  • I have everything working by using “stones”, but wanted to explore the other options

  • George,

    Thanks for all the good information!! Just realized my initial question was not very clear… I’m wondering if anyone can help me apply the isc-dhcp-server patch that allows the dhcp server to listen on random ports > 1024 in order to see the netboot server (FOG) in startup disk?

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    @SlimJim You also might want to read through this thread for ideas:

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    @SlimJim OK now you have me a bit confused. Initially I got the impression you were trying to install FOG on OSX(??).

    If your fog server is Ubuntu when you install fog, if you tell the installer you need dhcp it should install isc-dhcp for you. There is nothing to compile or install extra. It should even configure the basics in the config file for you.

    As for Win2012 dhcp server you can do similar to isc-dhcp. ref:

    There are people on the fog forums that have successfully pxe booted and imaged macs, so I know its possible. The netboot requirements seem to be pretty steep as compared to IA64 or IA32 requirements. But it should be possible.

  • Windows 2012 Server dhcp is disabled at the moment
    Fog Version: Ubuntu 14.04 lts
    isc-dhcp-server sits on: debian 8 /this is up and running already

    I have the ability to spin up whatever in the lab, very flexible, but fog is and always has sat on Ubuntu server’s for us, but like I’ve said this is just my first attempt involving macs

    Sorry for the delay, think I disabled my notifications

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    @SlimJim said in patch isc-dhcp server for mac startup disk:

    define the hardware classes as I did not think it possible with the existing Windows DHCP

    What is your windows dhcp server?

    Since I know 0 about MAC (at least in the last 20 years) what OS (name/version) are you intending to install isc-dhcp on?

    And I have to ask you don’t have the ability to spin up a linux server to act as the FOG server?

    I’m just trying to understand your landscape.

  • This is all in a lab for the time being, but I will be using isc-dhcp-server in order to define the hardware classes as I did not think it possible with the existing Windows DHCP server. This is my first stab at it and I have the mac’s netbooting using isc and pointing to fog/ipxe.efi, but I wanted to give the startup disk option a shot. I will be using fog to deploy images created else where such as deploy studio or autodmg. If you require any more detail, please feel free to pm me or ask here, but I will now be available for the next few hours

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    Just to be clear you are trying to run FOG on a MAC. And you will use the MAC to capture and deploy images?

    isc-dhcp is only needed if your existing networking infrastructure doesn’t have an existing dhcp server in place.