Add an existing nfs server

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    I have managed to add a nfs server and it is working great. The only problem that i had is when i upload an image the file is not moved to /images. I have followed the above directions but it did not help. The ftp username and password should be the password from storage node configuration?

    [CODE]KNOWN ISSUE You will get an error “Ftp connection to storage server has failed” at the end of uploading images though. You will have to manually rename and move the file from the dev directory to the directory below.
    If your NFS server supports ftp as well, enable ftp on it too with the username and password specified in the storage server settings and this message will go away.
    Hopefully someone will re-write POST_Stage2.php to change this at some point as if you already have the NFS share mounted why do we do this bit with ftp?
    You may also get an infinite loop of the following message:-
    “Unable to find a valid task ID based on the clients mac address of: <mac address>”.
    if you add an @ sign before the ftp commands it appears to have fixed the issue.
    so line 133 of /var/www/fog/service/Post_Stage2.php would look like this
    if (@ftp_rename ( $ftp, $src, $dest ) || @ftp_rename ( $ftp, $srcdd, $dest ))[/CODE]

    Thanks in advanced and sorry if my english are bad

  • Anyone actually fix this “Unable to find a valid task ID based on the clients mac address of” as I have tried the “@” fix to the file at line 133 and still have a loop on a machine with a previously entered MAC address. Help!

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    Thanks for the reply, yes i want to change the default storage with another nfs server. The problem was in the ftp path. Now it is working thanks

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    I’m assuming you added the NFS server to take over hosting of the /images of the main FOG server. Is this correct?

    If you have enabled FTP on your existing NFS server, then you will want to tell the main fog server what the username and password should be when the main fog server connects to the storage node. Looks like it pulls the information for the FTP call from the values in the FOG WebUI - Other Information - FOG Settings - TFTP Server: FOG_TFTP_FTP_USERNAME and FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD.

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