Missing FOG settings in Other Information page

  • I am missing all the FOG settings like pxe menu and preset the AD settings. I think from past installations that they are supposed to be listed under the Other Information Page but they are not there. This is a brand new installation.


    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/0/145_Other Information FOG Open Source Computer Cloning Solution.png?:"]Other Information FOG Open Source Computer Cloning Solution.png[/url]

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    Check your apache log. Seems like it may be having problems rendering some of the page. Also, try a different browser. Firefox seems to work best for me, just to make sure it isn’t a client side problem.

    What OS are you using for your Fog server?

  • [quote=“TommyTonic, post: 5138, member: 1610”]This isn’t real helpful, but you say you’re not sure if they’re supposed to be there.
    This is what my install, new today, looks like on that screen:[/quote]

    At least I know I am not going crazy.