Can't get past "Attempting to register host..." screen - get blank screen at that point

  • I am trying to register a HP550 laptop running Win 7 Pro. When I get to the actual full registration the screen goes blank. I have tried on 2 machines with same result. Any ideas?

  • Really old thread here but I’ve run into this issue. New FOG user and have successfully inventoried and imaged PCs but I’m unable to do either full or quick inventory on an HP 550 laptop. PXE boot and then select the option… blank screen after that. I checked the Working Hardware list and saw nothing that indicated I would need to do anything special.

    I’m running stock 0.32 so swapping kernels is something I have no experience with as of yet. Is there a better kernel to use that is more compatible than the stock kernel?

  • Moderator

    Try an old kernel. Maybe a 2.6.28. Try compatibility check or debug mode?