problem with ./installfog (no repository)

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    • FOG Version: 1.4.0
    • OS: ubuntu server 16.04
    • Service Version: not installed yet
    • OS:

    Hello everybody,
    i’m trying to install fog on a ubuntu server at work. We are behind firewall and we use a proxy (http://xxx:3128)
    First step : install ubuntu server : no problem, apt-get update and upgrade worked without file modification

    second step : download fog
    i added to /etc/profile export_http_proxy="http://xxx:3128"
    wget http://link to fog didn’t work
    with wget -e use_proxy=yes _e https_proxy=xxx:3128 https://linkto fog it works.

    Third step :
    When i launch, it blocks at the end when adding needed repository
    I tried with ./ -S to force https, the same issue.
    I tried php_ver=‘7.0’ php_verAdds=’-7.0’ ./ -y (same issue)
    I tried https_proxy=https://xxx:3128 ./ -S (same issue)
    Any help would be very appreciate :)

  • in /etc/environment, i marked

    and ./ works

    thanks a lot !

  • Moderator

    I don’t use ubuntu, but on centos we setup in bashrc the following

    export http_proxy=http://<proxy_ip>:<proxy_port>
    export https_proxy=http://<proxy_ip>:<proxy_port>
    export ftp_proxy=http://<proxy_ip>:<proxy_port>
    export no_proxy=<fog_server_ip>

    Then log out and back in
    Allso once fog is installed there is proxy settings in the fog configuration too.

    Also please be aware of this article:

  • the software package is already installed (software-properties-common)

    Here the fog/bin/errors_logs

  • Moderator

    You may need to install a software package first

    apt-get install software-properties-common

    Installer error log would be helpful too. (fog_error_1.4.0.log in your fog folder/bin/error_logs most likely)

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