Parallels XP built in VirtualBox

  • We have a mixed environment of Windows 7 and Macs, and we need to make use of an application that only runs in Windows XP. I built a Windows XP image using VirtualBox (and it has been sysprepped), and all of the Windows 7 users will be making use of that inside VirtualBox. When I deploy the image to a Parallels on a Mac, I run into problems that I know are related to the hardware being emulated. The first issue was a blue screen STOP 0x0000007B, which I resolved by following the steps in [URL=‘’]Microsoft KB 314082.[/URL]

    My second issue, which I have not found a resolution to yet, occurs part way through sysprep. This blue screen is DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELING_PENDING_OPERATIONS and references the file intelppm.sys. I tried various things to fix it, including [URL=‘’]adding some registry keys to disable the driver[/URL], and [URL=‘’]deleting the file entirely[/URL].

    I’m at the point where I’m just going to steal somebody’s Mac for a few hours and build another XP image just for running within Parallels, but I’d really like to just keep it to one image.