New Fog build not deploying images

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    Ive got an annoying issue my current fog server is about 2GB away from giving up the ghost so i have created a new Virtual box image with added /images folder of 1.5 TB of space. My problem is i can upload an image no problem but deploying it says i cant mount the NFS store check the .mntcheck file, ive googled this error and seems to be a very common issue done all the suggestions about doing the touch .mntcheck and still no avail, when i run that command i still never see a file called mntcheck anywere near the /images directory. I guess my problem is im not a linux techie so i have no idea what permissions should be set. Can anyone clear up for me the exact perms i need and commands to get this working, its been such a long time since the last box was built and im pulling my hair out starting early mornings staying late trying to get this to push images out again… The fog system is by far the best thing ive seen even with these niggles just need a linux wiz kid to point me in the right direction
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  • Yes our fog servers are either Windows 2003 Server or Windows 2008 Server and they all work well as storage nodes.

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    Wait what? Are you using Windows Server 2008 RS as an NFS server?

  • How do you get the .mntcheck files to appear in Windows Server 2008 R2? The touch command does not work in the command prompt since it’s only for Linux. Please advise.

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    FOG images are multi-part. You have the actual image files and folders under /images/ and then you have the meta-data that defines them to FOG, which is in the database and displayed in the WebUI.

    What you need to do is export the data from the existing fog server database and import into the new one. If you just want the image definitions, then just worry about the images table. If you want all the host information, then you need to export the images/hosts, and possibly other tables.

  • Hi Chad thanks for your reply that worked absolutly fine, like i say thank you for that one other thing, FTP old images to new server doesnt seem to work, it copies a few over to the new /images folder but i cant see them in the new fog server WebGui is there a trick to getting that sorted?

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    On your new fog server you need two .mntcheck files. Once goes in /images and the other in /images/dev.

    [CODE]cd /images
    touch .mntcheck
    cd /images/dev
    touch .mntcheck
    cd /
    chown -R fog:root /images