Upgrading from Trunk to 1.4.0.

  • I’ve finally gotten approval to upgrade our live server from revision 5837 (dev branch that came out just before 1.3 RC’s).

    Are there any expected or known issues that might arise?

    I’ve disabled the client updater and a snapshot of the server will be taken prior to update, just in case. Wasn’t sure how FOG would like it if the hosts received the new client, but the server ended up getting rolled back.

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    @Avaryan SVN or a package download most likely.

    You can safely delete that directory and intialize git in /root where it will create the folders as needed. These are only the installation folders (as in everything needed to install FOG, not where everything is installed), they don’t contain any settings or the like.

  • Ok. We’ll stay at 14. I imagine the network admin wouldn’t like it if I updated the whole OS while still retaining the trunk snapshot (because it saves the changes to be able to revert.)

    Just noticed the the directory that fog is in is /root/fogproject_trunk. Will there be any issues if I rename the directory to /root/fogproject/. Want to keep installation as inline with stock settings as possible.

    edit: So, noticed that git isn’t installed on the trunk server. Not sure what he used when he set this up. I’ve always used git.

  • @Avaryan I’d say stay on 14.04, I think it’s still in it’s support cycle.

    Moving to 16 wouldn’t hurt, but it could potentially cause problems though I couldn’t tell you what and/or why. It is still very “random” (albeit it quite often lately) to have issues.

  • We don’t use the Power Management feature, so no issue there.

    The live server is on Ubuntu 14.04.4. Would you recommend staying on 14 or maybe moving to 16?

  • I’m not sure how the client would like it, though I think it’s relatively safe to allow the clients to be ahead of the version of fog you’re running. There may be some features, however, that could make the client puke all over itself.

    The biggest thing I’m seeing is Ubuntu SUCKS. (Sorry I am just sick of ubuntu’s problems now).

    Some features like, the fog client expecting Power Management, but the version you installed didn’t have that feature available.