Image upload fails after relocating /images folder

  • Just installed a new san and changed the mount point (is this the correct term?) of the /images folder to the SAN and moved the contents. I did find the article on moving the /images folder and created the .mntcheck file in both /images and /images/dev. Deploying an existing image works great, but when I upload it seems to get to the dev folder but never gets FTP’d to it’s final resting place. Did I miss something? Thanks to all who replied.

  • I did get that error and, on a whim, checked permissions on the /images folder. As it turns out, only root had write permissions there. Once I corrected the permissions, all is well. Thanks for the post. Everyone here is great.

  • Moderator

    Are you getting the error message on the client at the end of the upload. Something along the lines of “could not move image …”

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