Fog is uploading images as raw file systems

  • I’m running FOG 0.32. The image I’m working on right now is a Win7 image. In image management I have the image type set to single partition (NTFS Only, Resizeable). When I upload the image FOG does not resize it. On the “Save partition to Image File” client screen while it’s uploading the Detected File System is raw. What’s going on?

  • I had a similar problem. I merged two Windows 7 partitions (boot and system) because I wanted to use single resizable partition. The image size was over 200Gb. I restarted the computer, ran chkdisk /f twice, defragged, and used FogPrep and… the new image size was 16GB. I’m using version 0.32

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    I run 0.32 and have not been successful using the Single Partition (NTFS Only, Resizable) image type. I have been using Single Disk (Multiple Partitions) without issue.

  • From what I’ve gathered from other users. This is an issue with FOG 0.32. I imaged Win7 single partition all the time with version 0.29 and it gave me nice small files to work with. I chose the multiple partition option and it’s working just fine now, but with larger images of course. I should have stuck with 0.29. I’ve run into several issues with 0.32.

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