Dell XPS 11 imaged successfully via USB NIC

  • Dell XPS 11 (2x USB3.0 ports and wifi - no onboard LAN) just imaged successfully with a LAN7500 USB NIC. I tried all sorts of NIC without success, both with the BIOS, UEFI and various ROM-o-MATIC USB configurations. In the end a good old USB2 startech USB21000S2 worked from the BIOS (legacy) without issue. I didn’t try via UEFI.

    Inventory was OK. Imaging windows 10 dropped twice but picked up again (“kevent 2 may have been dropped”).

    Posting just in case others are trying to handpick USB NIC

  • Moderator

    You have found the problem with these ethernet cable less devices running in uefi mode. If uefi mode is enabled you MUST run a supported usb3 network interface (usb to ethernet) to get then to pxe boot. The uefi firmware is more like a linux kernel than what bios was. Your uefi firmware must have a driver for the network interface built in or no pxe boot will happen. Dell does have a supported network interface for pxe booting those XPS systems.

    We have a hack to get other network interfaces to pxe boot in uefi mode. This involves using a usb boot image to kick start the process which does away with the firmware pxe booting.

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