• Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.5
    • OS: ubuntu gnome netinstall 16.04
    • Service Version: latest
    • OS: win 7 pro x64


    I try to deploy an image but i’ve got an error. Fog cannot find file “./stdin.001”. When i look in the folder “./images/myImage” i’ve got 2 files named “rec.img.000” and “sys.img.000”. I tried to change the image manager from Partclone to Partimage but it does not work.

    What could i do?

  • Problem solved.It was an old image…

  • Moderator

    @educapole If you get one that deploys correctly. I would deploy it again and then immediately recapture with FOG 1.3.5. You will get better speed and compression with the newer version of FOG than the old kit. This of course depends on the number of these images you need to deploy. If you are only deploying this one image every year then there is no value in recapturing it.

  • I’m sorry but i think i’ve take a wrong image in my backup when i’ve migrated my servers. I found an other image (named exactly like the image name LENOVOM72ESSI). I’ll let you know if problem if solved after the deploy

  • @george1421 Its not human readable

    root@0600015R-FOG:/images/LENOVOM72EA106# cat ./rec.img.000
    S��1K�@��� �n� 88��Z
    -U\Kh�H��&"~          ���(
    w�W�^h�"H8l��㽼�_�#�hX�M���ٓ��a��-��]��Y����880�f�P�d��6�@@@@ؒ@#N^�8�=������x��w��%" � � ��o�^��7�':�Y�
                  W�n����?��)�rO�"�JܗJȖ�~��:�Eӓ��od~ۯ����C�{jb�đ�/&vM�W��byyY�9�~�����W���o9 � � � ����8
  • Moderator

    @educapole If you key in cat rec.img.000 is there any human readable text? I might expect there to be partition information in that files.

    This almost looks like a fog 0.3x formatted disk structure. At this point we’ll need a developer to comment on what they see. You should have enough info in this thread for their input.

  • @george1421

    administrateur@0600015R-FOG:/images/LENOVOM72EA106$ ls -la
    total 22134416
    drwxrwxrwx  2 fog administrateur        4096 févr. 26  2014 .
    drwxrwxrwx 52 fog root                  4096 mai   10 14:31 ..
    -rwxrwxrwx  1 fog administrateur         334 févr. 26  2014 rec.img.000
    -rwxrwxrwx  1 fog administrateur 22665623106 févr. 26  2014 sys.img.000

    I think there are missing files in there (like partition definitions, master boot records and such)

    This is exactly what i think. All other images contain more file like “d1.mbr, d1p1.img, d1p2.img” .
    This image (LENOVOM72EA106) is the only one with files names like that (rec.img.000, sys.img.000)

  • Moderator

    @educapole Well I can honestly say I’ve never seen that error page before. That may be a partimage error.

    What I find more interesting is the output of /images/LENOVOM72EA106

    I think there are missing files in there (like partition definitions, master boot records and such). Also you dropped the l from the command. ls -la gives us the file size of the files in that directory. Could you redo that last image request?

  • @george1421 0_1494503390997_IMG_20170511_133518.jpg

    administrateur@0600015R-FOG:~$ cd /images/LENOVOM72EA106
    administrateur@0600015R-FOG:/images/LENOVOM72EA106$ ls -a
    .  ..  rec.img.000  sys.img.000
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    @educapole Will you post a clear screen shot of the error taken with a mobile phone. The context of the error will help the developers identify the problem.

    Also please post a screen shot of the image definition. The developers will need to see the settings you have configured for the image.

    Also show the output of this command ls -la /images/<image_name> Replace <image_name> with the actual image name.

    That info should give the developers an idea why this error is posted. I have personally never seen this error.

  • @Tom-Elliott I can’t deploy my image. Same error with 1.4.50 RC12 version : “./stdin.001” file missing

  • @george1421 Nice thanks. I don’t know why i did’nt try earlier… I 'll let you know tomorow if i can deploy my image, i’m at home. Thank you both again

  • Moderator

    @educapole Now complete the steps of

    sudo -i
    cd /root/fogproject/bin

    The interesting thing about the git repository is that it contains all of the code from the last pull.

  • @Tom-Elliott

    root@0600015R-FOG:~/fogproject/bin# git checkout dev-branch
    La branche dev-branch est paramétrée pour suivre la branche distante dev-branch depuis origin.
    Basculement sur la nouvelle branche 'dev-branch'
    root@0600015R-FOG:~/fogproject/bin# git pull
    Already up-to-date.

  • @educapole did you git checkout dev-branch

  • What? The trunk didn’t work… This is what i did :

    sudo -i
    cd /root/fogproject
    git pull
    cd ./bin

    Git has make some updates. When i had to update the database, unsteed i just got the login page… That indicate me 1.3.5 version.

    Operation have been reitered twice and same result each times.

    This is a first time the update doesn’t work.

  • Moderator

    you can follow this process to upgrade to the latest dev release (1.4.0RC12) https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Upgrade_to_trunk

  • Please try updating to the rcs where I believe this issue was addressed

  • Yes it was an old image but the last use of it was the 3 april of this years (last month). I’ve migrated from version 1.2 et 1.3.x about a years ago. I’ve tried to change settings of the image manager (particlone/partimage/uncompressed/ etc…), check the path, etc… It does not change anything

  • Moderator

    was this image imported from an older version of FOG? If so it sounds like the image definition in the fog management gui is incorrect.