Acer Laptop UEFI PXE works in general (WDS), but I tried it with FOG and it runs through code and boots from hard drive.

  • Then I did more research and someone said "If you’re into doing this stuff repetitively, look into FOG.
    It was a bit of a hassle to install - I was expecting an ISO, but a manual for my OS was available.
    Copy and paste.

    I tried it with a VM and BAM, FOG Project pops right up.
    BEAUTIFUL! I will definitely keep this…

    The only problem I’m having is with my laptop. UEFI is enabled, secure boot is off, and network boot works… I believe it sees the FOG thing, but quickly just runs through code and exits.

  • @george1421 Yeah, if I didn’t mention I already set them so I wont have to deal with it later, and yeah 8-core 8GB RAM, that is until I get a nice Mini-PC with some NVME storage later.

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    @JzJad If you run pfsense then you can have it supply the right boot file. There is a boot file field for legacy as well as uefi. pfsense is sweet.

  • @george1421 Yeah as for work we have it done, I run a way to beefy pfsense at home and just never bothered to set the options untill working on a laptop last week lol

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    @JzJad Right almost all systems being produced today are uefi. Some still allow bios mode, some are only uefi. If you have a mixed fleet (some old and some new) you need to setup Win2012+ dhcp, isc-dhcp, or dnsmasq to dynamic send the right file. This make life a bit easier than having to change dhcp option 67 every time you need to boot something different.

  • @george1421 seem’s newer laptops are just about the only thing i have ran into with this problem, across the few thousand devices I use FOG with.

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    There are options if you need to dynamically shift between bios (legacy) and uefi mode. If you need this you will need to explain your network design a bit more.

    But @JzJad is correct. You must use the proper boot kernel for the mode of computer you are booting.

  • Make sure to check DHCP has the right settings, I had this problem as well a week or two ago with a newer laptop having UEFI.

    Default BIOS file name
    UEFI 32 bit file name
    UEFI 64 bit file name

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