SOLVED Adding hosts to a new group: nothing happens

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.4.0-RC-9 6069
    • OS: CentOS
    • Service Version:
    • OS: Windo

    I have 16 new clients in addition to my several hundred old ones. I go to host view, and filter the new ones as the host names start with t430… My 16 new hosts are then listed correctly. I select all of them from the select all check box in the header. All are selected. Now I enter a new name in Create a new group: t430 I then hit the button Process group changes. Nothing happens and the hosts are not added/the group is not created.

  • If you do the add host to a group element, as soon as you press the “process changes” button, and scroll back to the top of the page, I’ll bet you see the “Loader bar” telling you “Group created successfully” or something similar.

    The loader is only present for 5 seconds.

    The idea of the move to ajax in case you must ask is so you could process many hosts in one sitting area rather than have to recycle the load time every time you click process changes.

  • um, are you sure about that?

    The group add functionality is now an AJAX thing. You will see the listing of the group in the Group list page.