@Dv27842 said in ERROR: Not able to find a network interface that is up on your system: I was able to get ufw enabled Actually you want the firewall disabled. OK so lets back up a bit (mainly since I’ve been bouncing around different threads). Can you ping ? Can you ping www.google.com ? If you can ping by ip address and not by name then something is messed up with the dns entries. Understand if we are stuck here this is a linux issue and not anything (yet) to do with FOG. For linux there is a file in /etc called resolv.conf. That holds the name(s) of the dns servers for your network. The network configurator should populate this file. If its effectively blank you can add a line like nameserver where is the IP address for your dns server for your network. That DNS server needs to be able to resolve internet addresses like www.google.com. If you put the proper nameserver entry in that file you should be then able to ping by host name.