That error says that partition 4 is too small. So it seems to think that the image is bigger than the spin 5’s drive.
Looking at your image settings I’d recommend recapturing using partclone zstd at compression level 19. Probably won’t fix this problem, but might speed up your imaging while saving space on the server.

I believe the when fog captures the image it shrinks it down to only what is actually in use, so your scenario should work. Personally, as a fail safe, I use a 80 GB virtual disk size for my images which never had an issue deploying to 120 GB drives. Granted after a while we found that users with 120 GB drives ran out of space just from windows maintenance (updates, caches, etc.), well that and the users never deleting an email in outlook.

So if it’s feasible, maybe try recapturing the image with the virtual drive being smaller than anything in your environment. (80-120 GB perhaps).