@zaboxmaster Well we are going to need your assistance to help debug this. I can give you the steps needed to collect the information to help debug this.

Schedule a new deploy/capture task, but before you tick the schedule task button, tick the debug checkbox. Now schedule the task. PXE boot the target computer. After several screens of text you need to clear with the enter key, you will be dropped to the FOS Linux command prompt. This next 3 steps will help with remote debugging and for copying the results out to post here. Key in ip a s and collect the IP address of the target computer. Reset root’s password with passwd Give it a simple password such as hello This password will be reset at the next reboot. Now connect to the target computer using ssh, either ssh from linux or putty from a windows computer. Key in and post the results here of the following commands
uname -a
lspci -nn
grep -i -e firm /var/log/syslog Keep the debugging session open for additional commands.