@michael-steiner said in Windows 10 Imaging over low BW Internet/VPN:

What ever became of this thread and to your knowledge did deployments ever take place

I don’t know if this deployment ever took place. From my perspective the OP of this thread has two different issues.

Imaging over a low bandwidth link Imaging over the internet.

For imaging over a low bandwidth link, the real solution with FOG is a mobile deployment server running on a raspberry pi.

For imaging over the internet, I’ve been thinking about this to test with openvpn. The FOS Linux client would run the openvpn client and on the FOG server the openvpn server. Then tunnel all of the communications over the openvpn link. The issue is remote pxe booting. That can’t/shouldn’t be done over the internet. But if we switch to USB booting on the remote end then it might be possible. There are still several hurdles to overcome doing this and I wonder if a different imaging solution would be a better choice like clonezilla on a usb device.