@Sebastian-Roth said in LDAP Plugin install:

Did you see Tom’s post? There seemed to be an issue in the version check script on our webserver which led to it saying you are “up to date” eventhough you are running the years old 1.5.5 version. Tom fixed it. You can always be sure the version number in the bottom right corner is the one you have.

Hey sorry about the confusion I did see his comment, but clearly did not understand. It’s a huge relief that we aren’t dealing with a failed upgrade.

Thanks for all your help with this everyone, I have finally got the plugin working. As @Kiweegie suggested early on the password complexity seemed to be the issue. I had made sure there was no special characters in it, but I had made the password obscenely long. Changing it < 24 characters seems to have done the trick.

Apologies for all the confusion and thanks again for all the help.