@x23piracy The following thing I’m taking a shot at (shoot for the moon, right?) is to utilize FOG to have Snapins and make them available outside of the LAN, that’ll at that point pull down some powershell to get records by means of HTTPS from our web group to do remote establishments if necessary. I have a proof of idea working, yet I’m a 1 man shop and haven’t had sufficient energy to do considerably more on it. In any case, in the event that it works, I’ll viably have the capacity to push introduces both on and offsite, without utilizing DirectAccess as the tie back. The powershell has a few if’s in there to check whether they’re on the LAN, which will then instruct it to snatch PDQ’s bundles, however on the off chance that they’re off, it’ll get them from the HTTPS store and shoot msiexec on them physically. Dafont 123Movies FileHippo