That sounds fine. Let me know if any code needs to change in FOGController or FOGManagerController You should have a look at the latest code i have submitted. I have made a lot of changes to how Tasks are generated. $Host->startTask was written by microleaks, but never put into prodution. The old production code was in ‘management/includes/tasks.confirm.include.php’’ Task creation is now handled in Host.class.php. There are 3 functions for instant deployment, single run scheduled deployment and cron style deployment: [url][/url] [code]$Host->createImagePackage($taskTypeID, $taskName = ‘’, $shutdown = false, $debug = false, $deploySnapins = true, $isGroupTask = false) $Host->createSingleRunScheduledPackage($taskTypeID, $taskName = ‘’, $scheduledDeployTime, $enableShutdown = false, $enableSnapins = false, $isGroupTask = false, $arg2 = null) $Host->createCronScheduledPackage($taskTypeID, $taskName = ‘’, $minute = 1, $hour = 23, $dayOfMonth = ‘’, $month = '’, $dayOfWeek = ‘*’, $enableShutdown = false, $enableSnapins = true, $isGroupTask = false, $arg2 = null)[code][/code] There has been a new class to handle “TaskTypes” (aka download, upload, multicast, wipe, av, etc) and this class reads it’s information from the ‘TaskTypes’ table. You are able to specify custom kernel and kernel arguments per TaskType. GUI code for Task creation is in HostManagementPage.class.php & GroupManagementPage.class.php (functions deploy() & deploy_post() handle the calls to the Host functions. [url][/url] [url][/url]