Thanks for your time and response. Yes, any of those 3 commands didn’t work. Based on information from that topic in REAR GitHub - the user after using PXE mode, they had pxelinux config and probably as you mentioned kernel (kernel file) and maybe file system (initrg.cgz) for BIOS, not UEFI. I guess i have the same and trying to boot on UEFI system. How to determine which file is for UEFI? I guess it should be part of ISO which works fine on BIOS and UEFI system. I have this content of ISO: Then I have this content in ISO: EFI G:\EFI boot G:\boot isolinux G:\isolinux BOOT G:\EFI\BOOT fonts G:\EFI\BOOT\fonts locale G:\EFI\BOOT\locale BOOTX64.efi G:\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.efi embedded_grub.cfg G:\EFI\BOOT\embedded_grub.cfg grub.cfg G:\EFI\BOOT\grub.cfg grubx64.efi G:\EFI\BOOT\grubx64.efi grub G:\boot\grub efiboot.img G:\boot\efiboot.img grub.cfg G:\boot\grub\grub.cfg G:\isolinux\ chain.c32 G:\isolinux\chain.c32 hdt.c32 G:\isolinux\hdt.c32 initrd.cgz G:\isolinux\initrd.cgz isolinux.bin G:\isolinux\isolinux.bin isolinux.cfg G:\isolinux\isolinux.cfg kernel G:\isolinux\kernel ldlinux.c32 G:\isolinux\ldlinux.c32 libcom32.c32 G:\isolinux\libcom32.c32 libgpl.c32 G:\isolinux\libgpl.c32 libmenu.c32 G:\isolinux\libmenu.c32 libutil.c32 G:\isolinux\libutil.c32 menu.c32 G:\isolinux\menu.c32 message G:\isolinux\message pci.ids G:\isolinux\pci.ids G:\isolinux\ reboot.c32 G:\isolinux\reboot.c32 vesamenu.c32 G:\isolinux\vesamenu.c32