@marcusjfloyd said in FOG is resizing the incorrect partition (/boot - /dev/sda1) on my CentOS 8 image deployments:

I don’t mind giving it a shot via FOG post-deploy scripting

With post install scripts, they are bash scripts that are executed post image deployment but before FOG reboots the target computer.

How I would go about working out the script is this. Schedule a deployment to your target hardware, but before you press the schedule task button, check the debug checkbox. Now pxe boot the target computer. After several screens of text, that you need to clear with the enter key you will be dropped to the FOS Linux command prompt.

<sidebar> If you want to remote debug the target computer running FOS Linux do the following.

Key in ip a s and collect the IP address of the target computer. Give root a password with passwd, give it a simple password like hello. Don’t worry on the next reboot the password will be reset. Now use putty from a windows computer or ssh from a linux computer and remote into the target computer using the ip address, user root, and the password you set in 2.

Using a remote computer give you the ability to debug the computer and copy and paste commands into the target computer used during debugging. You can copy to and from the target computer using scp. </sidebar>

Now you have a linux console on the target computer work out the commands needed to expand the LVM Group and then the logical volume to the size of the physical disk. Once you have the commands worked out then you can start developing your bash script.