@klisza1993 said in Fresh FOG installation and no Client detected:

Middleware::Communication ERROR: Communication ERROR: Request Aborted: Unable to create SSL / TLS secure channel.

I have never seen this error before and I am not sure where it might come from yet. In your first post you said you didn’t enable HTTPS when running the installer but you later post says you are using HTTPS as well. So I would imagine that a request to the HTTP URL is being redirected to HTTPS (default when you enable HTTPS with the installer) and the error stems from an issue with the server certificate.

Did you manually change the webserver configuration?

During troubleshooting, what i have discoverd, tah i can get communication with Server pasting this link into browser.:
From my poinf of view its NOT SECURE.

Surely not ideal but you need to consider that FOG is not a secure product. Very few people help working on the code to find and fix bugs. You are more than welcome to join the force and get this out of the way.