Has there been any progress with this issue. I am having the issue where the “_” flashes but goes no further and I have been searching for a solution for the past 3 days. In my case, I am attempting to boot a WinPE Environment to run a 3rd party application. I tried both clean boot.wim files from Win7 and Win10, both fail. But when booted from a USB Drive or CD the application boots. Everything worked perfectly when I was running 1.5.0 but no longer in 1.5.4. Dell PowerEdge 910 Windows Server 2016 DHCP ** Option 66 - IP of CentOS 7 Server Running Fog ** Option 67 - undionly.kpxe DNS Hyper-V ** CentOS 7 ** Fog 1.5.4 ** 16 Cores ** 128GB Ram It will sit here forever.