@iarwayn said in "Permission denied": another Nas Issue (Qnap TS-231):

the fact that the Nas size and occupation doesn’t appear on the main menu, but, hey! that won’t ruin my joy.

You will have to live with good enough. For those settings to be populated, you need a real fog server as the storage node. You need a few php pages to execute on the target NAS to return what FOG expects. You can probably get there if you install apache and php on the NAS and then copy over the FOG web site to the storage node. You may need a few php libraries beyond what the NAS php page supports by default. I probably can be done but the results (values on the fog homepage) may not be worth the effort.

I’m pretty sure it could be done with a synology nas because it does have packages for apache and php 5.6 that could be installed… But I never had the motivation to try or to document it.

BTW: Well done on the QNAP integration. If you feel motivated at some time please document your steps for the qnap in the tutorials section like I’ve done so the next guy can build upon what YOU have created. There is no problem for the French screen shots either, we are all professional that know how to use google translate