@Junkhacker pigz !! this the error I had when I’m trying to deploy with Gzip otpion on the 1.4.0.

Thanks for this precision

@Wayne Workman

I have tried many solution to import my images from the old server to a new in 1.4.0 but nothing working.

I think the one solution is two deploy each image from the old server to a master and capture this image with the new serveur.

So I have testing this way it’s working.

Next just in case off I have created an other 1.4.0 server (yes 3 servers in the story) to test a migration between the two 1.4.0 servers with this process : https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Migrate_FOG. All work fine.

Even if this was not the aim methode I serched to migrate my old images to the new, I think we can close this topic ?

Thanks all for help it’s very nice.