Yes, and no.

Being that you are new to FOG, I will run through what I tell my staff when I set them up with a FOG server.

After your FOG server has been set up, You have to do as Gilou suggested and give the option 66 and 67 options to your DHCP router properties pointing to your FOG server. Set a machine to PXE boot and test to make sure that the FOG pxe boot menu displays.

(IF no PXE menu display we can troubleshoot)

Now that PXE is enabled, I would begin working on my image ( I work virtually but to each his own).
After your image is complete you are ready to upload.

[B]Image Management[/B] will allow you to create images, this [U][B]MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO IMPORTING A HOST TO YOUR FOG[/B][/U]
[U][B]SERVER[/B][/U], otherwise you will have to create one and select it later, manually.

Navigate to your FOG server web GUI. Click “[B]Image Management[/B]” the 5th icon over from the left. Click “[B]New Image[/B]” on the left. Give the image a name, a description, select “Default” for Storage, and give the file a name, [U]no spaces[/U]. Select Multiple Partition image
– Single Disk (Not resizeable) or Multiple Partition image – All Disks (Not resizeable) (these work best, you can use the others, but if you use Windows 7 I [B]HIGHLY[/B] recommend the Multiple Partition modes). Click Add.

[SIZE=2]Now that you have an Image store, you can begin [/SIZE]registering[SIZE=2] a host and imaging.[/SIZE]

You will need to register each unit as a host to the FOG machine, [B]INCLUDING THE MACHINE YOU MADE YOUR IMAGE ON[/B]! I normally register my “imaging machine” as Master or something so you can tell it apart from the rest. Boot your machine and select the PXE boot option. When you are confronted with the FOG PXE screen, register the host (quick registration will get the machine into the web GUI under host management but will still need to be assigned an image.) I recommend using the Full Registration mode, this will allow you to select the image store you previously set up. [B]DO NOT TRY TO QUICK IMAGE YET!!![/B]

Now that you have a registered host and an image store, you can tell the machine to upload it’s image to the FOG server.

Go back to the web GUI, select “[B]Host management[/B]” the 3rd icon over, click “[B]list all hosts[/B]” on the left. Select your “Master” from the list. This will load the machine information, here you can see how you can manually update the information (in case you want to rename, or remove) on the left click “[B]Basic Tasks[/B]”. Click “[B]Upload Image[/B]” your machine should reboot (if not power it off and back on the FOG server can use Wake-on-Lan to wake up and shut down machines but it is an unreliable technology.) Your host machine will begin uploading.

You may go forward with registering your T5370s buy registering the machine to the FOG server and selecting your image store, you may now complete the quick image from the registration menu.