Oh I know. I followed that wiki to the T for both Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian 7.7, and I was still having issues. So it really didn’t help me directly, although it was a good reference point for confirming the dhcp options as well as the commands to disable the firewall in Debian.

The underlying problem was that there were individual DHCP options set for a couple of our VLANs, but not all of the Vlans. So they were over riding the global options that I was working with.

I don’t expect the wiki to delve into Windows based DHCP management, but might be worth a line around the DHCP section, that explains…
“It is possible to have these options configured on your DHCP server per subnet/vlan. So make sure there is no conflicting information in the specific subnet you are working in.”

Until it was mentioned in the post regarding DHCP settings per subnet, I didn’t have a clue that was even possible. Now that I know, I have actually configured the old .32 server on a specific maint vlan and the new machine on the production vlan, so our technicians can still access the older images in an emergency.

Thanks again for the feedback though. I appreciate it.