You will need to sysprep. I recommend building a single machine as you want it, uploading that machine’s image to FOG (which will be specific to that machine) i.e. “Machine_A_PreSysprep”, keeping that image in case you need to rehash the sysprep, as from my experience, once a machine is sysprepped, it cannot be sysprepped again (unless of course you erase the sysprepped HDD redeploying the pre-sysprepped image) After sysprepping a PC you like, upload image without reloading into Windows.

Here are some files which may help you, including some answer files with more or less everything stripped out just to get you started. One thing I can recommend regarding the answer files is to use WAIK for Windows 7 (WAIK4W7). I believe you can find it from Microsoft for free as a download.