UNSOLVED Sysprep will hang without dmwappushservice running

  • Hi,

    this is an important information to anyone who will make windows 10 more silent with tools like O&O Shutp and its derivates out in the net.

    With it’s default recommended settings to make Windows 10 silent this program disables the dmwappushservice (known as Windows Telemetrie 2), if you run sysprep it will hang forever.

    I the between time is stopped using that but today i found that two important things on the net:

    alt text

    alt text

    For me sysprep is now working well when using O&O 😉

    Btw. after deploying this windows itself will reenable the following stuff that was recommeded by O&O to disable:

    alt text

    Therefore i added the following to my SetupComplete.cmd:

    C:\Support\Tools\Shutup\OOSU10.exe C:\Support\Tools\Shutup\ooshutup10.cfg /quiet

    The result with the first user is then:

    alt text

    Still some stuff reenabled by ms.

    To be sure dmwappushservice is running when i sysprep i’ve added the following to my sysprep batch file:

    sc config dmwappushservice start= delayed-auto
    net start dmwappushservice

    So you have to use the tool again after deployment but for the future you know that have to reenable dmwappushservice if you like to sysprep again.

    Regards X23