Upload Image directly from host PXE menu

  • Is it possible to add an entry into the PXE menu or modify the existing host registration so that there is also an option to upload an image directly from that host?

    Preferably an option to name the image, and initialize an upload tast directly from PXE.

    I’ve look for a bit with no success, perhaps someone is attempting the same?
    Thank you in advance!

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  • I would think this should be possible. Look at how the “quick image” menu option works. All it is doing is creating a file in /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg with instructions. If you start a “quick image” job on a machine, just take a look at that folder on the server and you will see the file. It will be named with the mac address of the client.

    It might be a simple as changing the “type” portion of the command from “down” to “up”. But, I’d open up the init file and take a look at the code. I would be nice to have both a “quick image pull” and a “quick image push” option. You’d want to password protect that image pull option though! 🙂

    Keep us posted if you make progress on this. I’m kinda interested in this now, so perhaps I’ll take a look too.