• I imaged 3 computer labs with 30 pc’s in each one. These were imaged with fog last July with the XP OS.
    All three labs are experiencing slow performance to locking up on a daily basis. Not sure if it is fog related because the only thing different from last year is they are running the fog service.

  • Seems like the Google Toolbar is causing issues with Internet Explorer. Disabling the toolbar has improved things.

  • Installing IE updates is what I am trying next. Will let you know how that turns out.

  • I learned something new. It has been a while since I had WinXP and did not know IE9 was incompatible. Firefox has a separate installation for Adobe Flash. You will have to install it after adding Firefox to the system. Install all the security patches for IE8 that you can.

  • Thanks
    IE9 is not an option for XP
    I have been recommending Firefox but it disables adobe flash player.
    All the computers were blown out last summer.
    I am trying windows updates to see if that corrects the situation.

  • From your first post, the computers were imaged with FOG back in July. If they recently started to experience a slow performance then it will not be FOG. On the systems in my office FOG does not take up more than 7MB of memory. I could be wrong but IE8 should work fine on a single core. I would recommend if you use IE to upgrade them to IE9 since it is more secure. In my office I give each user the choice to use IE, Firefox, or Chrome (my preference). All are included in my images.

    I would check the Task Manager to see what process is slowing down the machines. I am guessing they are using 1 GB of RAM which should be okay. Depending on how old they are, follow rixter’s post. Especially open them up to see how much dust is in them.

  • We are running IE8 on Dell GX520 computers. i believe they have a single core processor and IE8 wants to use a dual processor which causes it to hang. Not sure how to fix that and we cannot afford new computers.

  • First (and this may sound stupid) check for conficker [url]http://www.confickerworkinggroup.org/infection_test/cfeyechart.html[/url]
    Second, check in your c:\fog.log If you are having some client issues, it might show up there. Also, do you have any snapins trying to install?
    Third, check your system logs, right click my computer, click manage, look at the event logs.
    Fourth, scan for spyware, malware, and virus’s, run chkdsk /f and defrag.

    If you still have issues with them slowing down, make sure the CPU heatsink isn’t caked down with dust.

    If none of the above fixes your issues… Buy new computers 😉