Storage Management not showing my images

  • When I try to pull down the new image on my new Fog Server (host registered) here is what I get:

  • My version of fog was so old as well as the Linux Server I am simply trying to register my new hosts and upload the image(s) to the new server which worked like a charm when I applied a task for the newly registered host. For whatever reason I cannot see the image file in the GUI of the new Fog server. If I change the storage management back to the old IP of the dated Fog server and upload it there everything works, but don’t want 2 Fog servers running. Hopefully that makes sense…

  • Moderator

    Just for clarity, you created a new fog server then moved your images from old fog server to new fog server, but you can not see the images in the FOG management GUI?

    If that is the case the move is 2 parts.

    1. The physical files must be moved from old fog server to new fog server
    2. The meta data (database info) needs to be exported from old FOG server if old fog server is FOG 1.2.0 (trunk) or newer, or manually rekeyed into the new FOG server as new image entries.

    The image + metadata on new fog server will make everything right again. If you have FOG 1.2.0 (trunk) you can export the image definitions from the FOG management GUI and then import them into the new FOG server via the management gui on the new FOG server.