FOG accidentally imaging a second hard drive

  • Hi all,

    I’ve got a FOG system up and running to image the Dell laptops we have on our campus. A few of our end users have secondary hard drives installed in a drive bay in addition to their internal hard drive.

    We had someone get a virus and opt for the reimage, as opposed to attempting to clean it (he was due for a fresh image anyways). However, FOG automatically pushed an image onto his secondary hard drive instead of his primary hard drive, overwriting a bunch of his VMs and saved data (not to worry, it was all backed up elsewhere as well).

    I believe FOG searches for hard drives, and pushes to /dev/sda (that’s my understanding of it, anyways). So I have a question, on the chance that someone would have more insight… Why would FOG have automatically pushed to the second hard drive? Both hard drives were properly installed and found by the BIOS. My first thought was that the virus somehow threw off the drive tables, and the second hard drive ended up as sda instead of sdb. I’m second guessing that thought, though…

    Any ideas?

  • Thread resurrection! This actually happened to a member of our IT department again, today.

    Has anyone else ever run in to this problem? Some possibilities of causes:

    1. Computer had the original OS hard drive and the secondary drive in the computer before, while FOG imaged it
    2. The original OS drive was removed, and replaced with a new SSD
    3. The hard drive mode was switched from RAID to AHCI in the bios
    4. After all those changes were made, FOG imaged the secondary drive, instead of the SSD
    5. Post installation, the SSD is listed as /dev/sda and the secondary drive is listed as /dev/sdb

    Still pretty stumped. Anyone think any of those options would have temporarily caused the secondary drive to be read as /dev/sda?

  • Yeah, I’m kind of stumped. I looked into the BIOS, and the primary drive is currently SDA, and the secondary drive is currently SDB. It’s also showing up as Primary drive and Modular bay drive as expected.

    The image is single partition, resizable, ntfs (I’ve never had any problems with it before, and I’ve pushed it correctly to the exact same setup - Latitude e6520 with a drive bay secondary hard drive).

    Is there a log system in place on the FOG server where I could check which drive the image got pushed to, or see if any errors were logged? I wasn’t the one who imaged the machine, so I wasn’t able to verify that FOG was pushing to /dev/sda

  • hmm… the only thing I can think to check is:
    ~ The hard drive setup in this users machine – is the second disk actually the primary? ensure the system finds /dev/sda as the Operating system and not the second drive. The BIOS should answer this.

    ~ Check fog image settings and ensure that it is set to Single Disk Multiple Partition and not Multiple Disks All Partitions.

    The second one is the one I’d least suspect, as you have successfully imaged, so I doubt that is incorrect.

    So try to boot into the BIOS and see which disk is actually the first disk. It could be as simple as switching the cable