• Here’s my question. I have my image made and all is good. Say I want to send this said image to PARTITION #2 on the target computer. So essentially I would have a Dual boot system. So I would like to send IMAGE1 to PARTITON#2 on the Target machine because I have a working OS, lets say win 7, on the TARGET machine but I want the second partition to have win 10, so to have a dual boot system. Is this a possibility?

  • So in simpler terms:

    “Technically yes, FOG going to try to include such a feature----probably not.”

  • No.

    While technically it’s possible to write one partition data to another partition, this would not suddenly make the second OS available to the system for “booting”.

    It “could” work if the disk is in “GPT” and the system is booting through UEFI, where you can have the BIOS look for both individual boot files, but with Legacy style partitioning this would not be possible. Not by default at least. You would need some boot loader with a menu system and the definitions of where to look configured to do that.