• Hello,

    I Use groups to track where we are sending our Hosts. Is there a way to see a history of groups per client. So a report of when hosts are removed / added to groups. As well as when a group is created or Deleted? I have resulted to keeping a log in each hosts General notes, and when i have 50 odd hosts to check in, it takes some time.


  • FOG Doesn’t keep track of “group” history in an individualized manner. We do keep a history of “everything” in the ‘history’ table of the FOG Database, but it’s not intended to be used as a “reporter” rather right now it’s used more or less as a means to troubleshoot and track unexpected items as they may occur. It does log add/remove/create history but it ties in with “everything” not just groups, or hosts, or images.

    We don’t keep track, at an individual item level, that far down. We have such fields as:
    ‘Created Date’ and for images and hosts we have the ‘last capture and depoy’ times stored individually.