Two issues I'm having

  • @Tom-Elliott I used Excel and put in the primary Macs and host names does it all need to be in one cell or will adjoining cells work

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    If given the option I would install FOG 1.3.4 or 1.3.5RC (dev branch) over 1.2.0. If this is only for testing 1.2.0 (stable) will work. The issue you have is that 1.2.0 is about 4 years old and it doesn’t support Win10, GPT format, uefi, and Nvme disks. If you are testing with old hardware then 1.2.0 will work just fine. Its the newer stuff that you will have issues with.

    Now to your point.

    Getting FOG rolling, includes several technologies outside of FOG itself.

    You need to update your dhcp server to point to the FOG server so the PXE booting clients know how to find your FOG server. This is done by updating dhcp options 66 {next-server} and 67 {boot-file}. DHCP option 66 should be set to the IP address of your FOG server. DHCP option 67 should be set to undionly.kpxe. Once you have that setup you should be able to PXE boot your target computers and see the FOG iPXE menu.

    Once you get to this point you can take the next steps.

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    Imported Hosts need at least two fields:

    First field would be the mac address(es) of the host.
    Second field would be the hostname.

    The CSV would look something like:


    Importing this would create a host with:
    Name: SomeHostName
    Primary MAC: 00:ab:acd:ef:12:34
    Additional MACs: 01:02:03:04:05:06

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  • @Tom-Elliott I’m not trying to Pxe boot hosts by importing them but I’m not able to create the hosts from importing the csv file i made except for 11 random ones that were in the sheet.

    I’m not sure about the next problem really but I’m trying to upload an image to the server and the site itself will not take over the machine I’ve been trying to look up how to correctly do it and it was to go to the boot menu and do the onboard network controller option but it dosen’t find the task or files necessary to ruin the task

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    What is the problem?

    You installed FOG, and are trying to import hosts. What’s not working here? Your message doesn’t really clarify anything.

    You can’t PXE Boot hosts. What do you mean? Just importing hosts into FOG does not make hosts PXE Boot. You have to tell the systems to use PXE, and your DHCP Server should be setup to hand out the required information.

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