Please point me to 1.2.0 -> 1.3.4 for Centos 6.7 upgrade docs/guide.

  • @Tom-Elliott Thank’s for the reply but that’s not the issue. I have a (gen 1) system I had previously imaged with 1.2.0. FOG recognized it when I booted to the PXE menu. Although my screenshot shows what happens when trying to write a Thinkpad X1 image (gen 4) to a gen 5 machine, the system I mention above is both the master for the gen1 image and also has had no changes since I last imaged it. Meaning it’s the same image taken from the exact same machine with no hardware changes and the same message displays when attempting to write that image back. Something other than size is playing a part. P.S. I also updated to 1.3.5.RC-14. Same issue.

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    @BardWood This particular error, to me, appears to be trying to place a “larger” partition layout than the current disk can accept.

  • The upgrade was smooth in the sense that all my images are there, no account issues, I can get to the portal, etc. However, I can no longer actually deploy any images. Whether I deploy an existing image or try to create a new one I get a screen such as the one displayed in my attachment![alt text](0_1489448772764_fog_1.3.5-RC13_error_small.jpg image url)

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    @BardWood Yes that is correct. Install 1.3.5RC-13 The devs “hope” this one will be 1.3.5 (stable).

  • PS. I assume you mean ‘FOG 1.3.5 RC 13’ when you say “RC series”? Is that the latest RC build?

  • Thank you. So, I should upgrade to trunk. Got it. Can you point me to the most appropriate howto or at least outline the steps? I’d really like to keep the existing mysql DB intact if possible. I have installed 1.3 beta on CentOS 7 as a test and it did function but I’m just wondering if the process is different if I’m upgrading 1.2.0->1.3.X on Centos 6.7. Does the 1.3.X install script make accommodations for an existing installation of 1.2.0?

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    I try very hard to ensure compatibility throughout.

    So You could just try installing the update, though I would highly recommend the RC series over the 1.3.4 due to found issues with GPT resizing among other minor bugs and new features added.

    If you run into problems ask and I’m certain somebody can help you install, even if it’s myself who does so.

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