• Dear Fog Members,

    I have view question that maybe can bring some changes in the new version 0.33 that will come.
    For about view months I try to get FOG working in my work were we have view productions lines and this areas need to use the FOG imaging solution. I was able to install the FOG program on two machines: on HP workstation and another DELL PowerEdge 800 workstation. The machines that I simply have to re-image on a daily or weekly bases are Optiplex 320-330-360 and Vostro 420-430. My biggest problem at this time that I get was to get the deploying working properly with Windows 7 where one partition was a logical extended partition. After view days in my weekend I finally change the logical extended partition to a primary partition and my problem was resolved with the deploying. This issue is one of view that I have. My question to the development group is:

    [I]Do FOG in the version 0.33 will support logical extended partitions?[/I]

    My another problem with dual boot system on another production line was the same like with Windows 7 that I could not get one of the partitions copied on the hard drive because of the extended partition what was actually resolved after I change all partitions to the primary partition. It could be nice if on the website from FOG project will be an information that FOG is not supporting imaging of hard drives with extended partitions.

    One of my bigger problems in the beginning was the Kernel that is loaded by the PXE Boot. Any of the current Kernels can support all of the above mentioned computer models (OptiPlex320, 330, 360, Vostro 420, 430). From what I saw with OptiPlex after making a BIOS update with the model OptiPlex 320 I receive some issues but the deployment want fine. With OptiPlex 330 I did not receive any issues. With the Vostro 420 I actually had an issue with the VGA graphic problem were I had to remove the graphic cards from ATI us it’s not supported by the newest Kernel very well. I actually run into the same issue like mr. tlongfog in the post: [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/dell-optiplex-780-will-not-upload-image.874/#post-4300[/url] . After I remove the graphic cards I was able to deploy the machines.

    [I]Is there a possibility to get a kernel for Dell machines. If not could you please provide witch options should I choice by creating the kernel? [/I]

    It will be nice to have a kernel for different kind of computer brands what will make it much more easier for people that just start with FOG.

    My another problem comes right now to Multicast were I try to send an image to two different models from DELL (OptiPlex 320 and 330) and were only the model 330 starts the Multicast but the 330 doesn’t. On one of the production lines I have 14 machines with OptiPlex 320 and 6 with the model 330. I like to run multicast every day of every week on all of them. This could be done with the cron jobs. The only problem is that the multicast will only run on the OptiPlex 330 and the machines with the model 320 will not start anymore because of what I’m afraid to try to do it again us I have to manually re-image the machines with Ghost again what takes some time.

    [I]Did someone had similar issues before? I try the multicast before with version FOG 0.29 and 0.30 what was not successful. Did something change in the version 0.32?[/I]

    The last question comes to Host management menu on the FOG website were I can see the machine of they are one or off. In Windows XP I can see them on green but on Windows 7 the webpage shows that the machines are unreachable. I try to disable completely the firewalls on the machines but it is not helping. The machines using a McAfee antivirus.
    The same strange think happens with the FOG service that should show the messages coming out from the server in the task bar. They just do not popup about anything.

    [I]Could you please advice if this problem happens by many users? Could it be related to wrong setup DNS server? What could be the reason? Please advice.[/I]

    Thank You,


  • I don’t know if I can help you with my experience, But instead of image all computers every day to have the same system I would prefer use Deep Freeze software and maintain windows intact on on reboot. It’s very nice software if you know how to use it.

  • Fabian great idea on the Dell stuff… but from my experience in using FOG to image over 10 different varieties of Dell’s, Optiplex’s, Vostro’s, etc… what works on a Vostro 200 for example, does NOT work on a Vostro 220. I’m now trying to image some 470’s and am getting some very odd deal-breaking errors as well with regards to the on-board Nvidia card, that I’m troubleshooting(which led me to this post). Hopefully we can figure out a way to make images properly for our own machine deployments rather than expecting someone to do it for us. 🙂 I haven’t found a good tutorial on that yet… still looking!